Wouldn't It Be Weird


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after a line by Greg Gallant


Lust and Love


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In your mind, are the concepts of Love and Lust mutually exclusive? Or is there an overlap, an intersection, as in a Venn diagram?

And if there is an intersection (some kind of Love/Lust or Lust/Love), what are its qualities?

Is it preferable, more satisfying or better in some ways than either Lust or Love alone?

Have you experienced it? Does it last? What might follow?

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Aldous Huxley on Freudian Psychology


What If?


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Aunt Loopy on Marriage


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line by Harris Wittels @twittels


If misery, is not the key to a lasting marriage, as aunt Loopy contends, what is?

What is it that we need to do, think or feel to keep our relationships, including marriage, from failing?

And amongst these, does a single factor stand out as the Key?

With the stakes so high, you would think that all this would all be clear to us, that there would be no need to ponder these questions.

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