Setting Boundaries


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line by Vanilla Cupcake @Vanilla_cupcak


First Lines


"In July, even in the dead middle of the night, you can't breathe the air in the Atlas pickle plant. You have to suck it. The smell is sharp and thick and sets the hairs in your nose on end and makes you feel like your lungs are getting as slicked over as your white Keds tennies, their laces green and pungent from dragging through puddles of pickle juice."

- the first line from Norris Church Mailer's Windchill Summer

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Dr. Hugh Rica, Pranksterologist


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line by Courtney Baleful @CourtneyBale

graphics from Ross Bagdasarian's
Clyde Crashcup


Any Truth Here?


One can't judge till one's forty; before that we're too eager, too hard, too cruel, and in addition much too ignorant.

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A Smurfy Ending


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line by Ruined picnic @ruinedpicnic

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