Reading and Believing


 photo Reading and Believing.png

a Japanese Proverb found in
Civilization's Quotations
by Richard Alan Krieger


More About Jonathan


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after a passage from Memorable Days
James Salter

the graphic is a filtered detail from
a Modigliani painting found here


Surreal Excuse (no. 72333b)


Oh, oh, I can't today, my grandson is visiting from the year 2028.

- offered by @bizarrequotes




 photo solitude.png

line by Olivia Dresher [1, 2, 3]


Living Single Longer


One of my favorite statistics about single life in the United States is that Americans now spend more years of their adult life unmarried than married. Recently, I've been trying to learn more about single life in other nations. I have yet to find any tallies of the number of years spent unmarried vs. married in various countries. However, one demographic trend seems indisputable: The number of years that people spend living single is growing, and the phenomenon has gone global.

It is not just people who stay single who are giving the globe a new look. Even people who eventually do marry are contributing to the worldwide trend of living single for more years of their adult lives. They don't marry as young as they used to, so more and more years of early adulthood are spent single. They are also more likely to divorce than they were in the past.

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