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_____: (noun)

a Jewish food item always served as a side dish, never as a main dish; therefore making it a good metaphor for someone who is being treated as unimportant or dispensable

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Percy Being Percy


 photo Percy Being Percy.png

line by Ashleigh Brilliant: 1, 2

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Today's Metaphor


Thought is a film on the surface of dark depths.


What's Happening Here?


 photo Rorschach.png

When you saw the above image;
what came to mind, and might that be?

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Man and Money


If a man runs after money, he's money-mad; if he keeps it, he's a capitalist; if he spends it, he's a playboy; if he doesn't get it, he's a ne'er-do-well; if he doesn't try to get it, he lacks ambition. If he gets is without working for it, he's a parasite; and if he accumulates if after a lifetime of hard work, people call him a fool who never got anything out of life.

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