When You Yawn


 photo ponderabout.com.png

line by ultimate steve @ultimatesteve

graphic source


A Question About You


What is more central to, more representative of, who you are – what you think or what you feel?


Shecky's Wife


 photo sheckys-wife.png

after this line by Mo @thentherewasmo

graphic from Billy DeBeck's
Barney Google

more about Shecky here


Egos and Souls


Souls love, Egos don't.
Be a soul.


Rorschach Balloon:
What Might He Be Thinking


 photo rorschach-balloon 828 b.png

When you saw the blank balloon above, what came to mind? Why might that be?

NEXT Rorschach Balloon here

background image: 1, 2

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